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Fiat Justitia et Pereat Mundus



Brahmandita & Partners (“B&P”) was established in 2012. B&P is a flexible and dynamic law firm and consultant company. Our attorneys have knowledge and relevant experiences that can provide excellent legal services to private and corporate clients.


Our business philosophy has always been geared to finding the best solution for our clients because B&P has a deep understanding about Indonesian law, business culture, local commercial context, and international law. Through the expertise of our collective partners and attorneys to look beyond ordinary patterns and find a cerative sollutions to our clients, B&P assists private and public legal needs within  national, foreign, and  multinational clients to achieve their business objectives in Indonesia.


B&P is committed to providing excellent service in a timely and commercially oriented manner and working collaboratively with our clients. From the initial action to the establishment and successful operation in private law, Indonesian business, leading network technology business Service Company in Indonesia, dispute resolution to Merger & Acquitition, banks matters, B&P provides practical solutions and advice on every aspect of business in Indonesia.


B&P understands your needs, helps craft a practical business solution, and endeavors to deliver high quality result regardless of legal complexity, language barriers, cultural differences, and budgetary and time limitation. B&P looks forward to helping its clients in finding the best solutions (of the special characters) in Indonesian law, culture and commerce. B&P is applying the highest ethical and professional standards.


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